I work with my clients from the outset to help you identify your key values across a triple bottom line. I am interested in working with organizations, businesses, government agencies, schools and colleges that have strong values that cut across the social, environmental and economic spheres. Each organization will have its own hierarchy of values; there is no magic universal value set. So we begin from where you are. After performing a values clarification with you, we determine what measures we will use to track performance across those values. Collaborating with the client, I base these measures on what other state, national or international entities are using but can develop independent measures that the client believes can help grade the performance.

For example, we might use measures from the Green Restaurant Association or Thimmaka Institute or other sector tools for restaurants, or perhaps the Green Press Initiative for printers or publishers. Or we might seek other sources of performance measures that cut across industries, like the Global Reporting Initiative.

Below is a sample Values Clarification checklist we can use or adapt.

Values Survey

Please rate how important each value is to you.



    Very                               Less

Important    Important    Important     Neutral 

 How important is:              

Reducing greenhouse gases                                          O                  O                     O                  O 

Reducing solid waste                                                    O                  O                     O                  O 

Reducing production and use of hazardous materials          O                  O                     O                  O 

Preventing pollution                                                      O                  O                     O                  O  

Conserving water                                                          O                  O                     O                  O 

Animal welfare                                                              O                   O                    O                   O 

Preserving biodiversity                                                    O                   O                    O                   O

Organically grown produce                                              O                   O                    O                   O 

Locally grown food                                                         O                  O                     O                   O             

Maintaining sustainable fisheries                                        O                  O                     O                   O


Humanely raising livestock                                                O                  O                     O                   O 

Using renewable energy                                                  O                  O                     O                   O 

Preserving forests                                                           O                  O                     O                   O



    Very                               Less

Important    Important    Important     Neutral 

 Providing living wages                              O                 O                 O               O

 The size of the wage gap between highest and lowest paid employees  

                                                            O                 O                 O               O

 Making a healthy profit                             O                 O                 O               O 

Paying full tax obligation                             O                 O                 O               O 

Sharing profits with stakeholders                 O                  O                 O              O 

Providing equal opportunity for women        O                 O                  O              O

Providing equal opportunity for people of color  O                 O                  O              O 

Contributing to the community                 O                 O                  O              O 

Providing employee benefits                  O                   O                 O               O 

Clean legal record                                  O                   O                  O               O

Support fair trade                                    O                   O                  O               O 



    Very                               Less

Important    Important    Important     Neutral 

 Employee health and safety                   O                O                 O               O   

Work place diversity                               O                O                 O               O 

Environmental training                           O                 O                 O                O 

Full disclosure/transparency                    O                 O                 O                O 

Employee privacy                                  O                 O                 O                O 

Employee involvement in decisions          O                  O                 O                O                     

Employee training and education            O                  O                  O               O